F-Group Foundation


Filipovics Vladan
(F-Group owner manage)

Huszti Szabolcs
(FC Zenit)

Juhász Roland
(Anderlecht FC)

Bodnár László
(FC Salzburg)

Chairman of the Board of Trustees:

Szabó Tibor
(agency partner)

Members of the Board of Trustees:

Buzsáky Ákos

Gyepes Gábor
(Cardiff City)

Halmosi Péter
(Hull City)

Tisza Tibor
(Újpest FC)

Dr. Wenczel Kristóf

F-Group Foundation

Filipovics Vladan

The F-Group management and the Clients of the agency have launched a brand-new initiative: the non-profit F-Group Foundation was established with the aim to have an account, where Players can transfer their money for charity. Each Player can forward the charity money for the chosen foundation from this account. The football palyers plan to support the various charity organizations by auctions of their sports equipment and by private payments.

The first serious patronage of the F-Group is linked to Huszti Szabolcs and Juhász Roland: the Hungarian national players joined the Gyermekkor Foundation of the Hospital at Madarász utca. Huszti appears as the carrier of the testimonial of the charity organization for sick children in the Foundation’s brochures, while Juhász plays in the advertising films of the Gyermekkor Foundation.

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